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4 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

4 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea


Do you know that green tea has amazing health benefits? It’s time to learn more about the top benefits of drinking green tea and incorporating it into your lifestyle. Ability to lose weight, possibly prevent cancer, support healthy teeth, and lower cholesterol, makes this tea, truly a miracle worker. BONUS – It also tastes good!

Green tea has many health benefits, which are being revealed through various health studies. In what ways can green tea benefit your life? Continue with me as we explore 4 Amazing Benefits of Green tea!

Weight Loss

  • Compared to most other beverages consumed in the morning, green tea contains fewer calories than most others.
  • In comparison to green tea, daily calories are usually higher if coffee is consumed daily as most people’s morning drink.
  • This makes sense naturally, think about whether or not you use sugar and creamer or one or the other. If you drink coffee at work for half the morning, it’s easy to consume around 200 calories.
  • By switching from coffee to green tea, you might reduce your waistline significantly over time. It’s about being a part of the whole healthier you, adapting a good habit and multiplying that along the way. This is one of those little things that works in conglomeration with lots of other little good habits, and as a collective whole, it will contribute to your weight loss in this way.

Healthier teeth

  • The fluoride in tea is said to help keep teeth clean. Bacteria that cause plaque are killed by fluoride in the mouth due to its antimicrobial properties. According to Dentists, fluoride helps to maintain healthy, cavity-free teeth and prevents general tooth decay. Consuming green tea has been shown to improve tooth health significantly.
  • There are however a number of studies about fluoride, opposing its benefits and you may want to read around that if it concerns you, or just ensure that you do not drink too much green tea in that case. You may feel though that the other benefits of green tea outweigh the fluoride content. Green tea also doesn’t stain your teeth, so that’s a plus!

Possible cancer deterrent

  • Various studies indicate that green tea is an effective way of helping to prevent free radical damage to the body. Cancer and aging can also be accelerated by free radicals. Polyphenols found in green tea constantly monitor free radicals to prevent them from being formed into unstable oxygen molecules, in a process referred to as oxidation.
  • Upon oxidation of cells, proper tissue is damaged and has been related to ailments such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes. In addition to preventing premature cell division and inflammation, green tea polyphenols have been shown to destroy most cancer-causing agents.

Lower cholesterol

  • High cholesterol sufferers may find relief from the effects of green tea.
  • Bad cholesterol is often linked to heart attacks and green tea may be able to reduce this high risk. During the circulating process of LDL cholesterol in the body, heavy deposits may be formed in the arteries. When a person drinks green tea, their levels of bad cholesterol, such as LDL, drop. This is due to green tea’s ability to naturally maintain those levels. Pretty Amazing if you ask me!

End note

I hope you have enjoyed todays explanation of some of the benefits of green tea that may make it a more attractive choice for you! These look like some fairly decent reasons to give this natural wonder a try. Seriously though, green tea tastes awesome and it’s so good for you. Hot or cold, it has to be something you try. It could be one of those little building blocks to total health that you want to start stacking up on.

Thanks for joining me today at Eco-Centric Fitness for a look at 4 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea, and until next time, stay healthy! I’ll bring you tons of building blocks, and you build your body castle out of the ones you like the most. You can’t pick too many you just have to master living up to one at a time!

Article for entertainment and information purposes only and is not meant to treat cure or diagnose. Please see your doctor if you are suffering from any of the above or associated issues.


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