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Let’s get a healthy vibe going and get out and walk. Commit to some fresh air and stimulation for your senses. At the same time, you’re getting some much needed exercise for your mind and body. Walking is refreshing and renewing, and it’s very good for you! Take some time to explore and get fit all in one. Use this guide to get a head start on some new habits, and if you feel froggy, make it a new habit. Try the 6 day walk challenge and get going today!

I hope you find value in the challenge you are about to undergo. Making a commitment to achieving small steps towards your fitness goals is literally half the battle. Even better, when your goals are attainable, a sense of accomplishment will follow. Take up this challenge. It can be a once a month goal, or make it a weekly goal. That’s all up to you! Get moving with the 6 day walk challenge at E-C Fitness!

The key is to find a place to walk that allows you to take in familiar sights and sounds, and then switch it up with a good balance of nature. Mix things up by walking in a new place that makes you feel connected, find a place that makes you happy inside and makes you find that inner child that wants to explore. Work on making walking a habit, outside of the usual walking that you do on a day to day basis. Don’t forget, that counts too! Write your challenge down so you have created a task for yourself that you need to accomplish. Now, let’s get walking and start checking things off the list! You can achieve everything you set your mind to!

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